Academic Registrar




Lidiia Zhgyr is a recent Schwarzman College graduate with concentration in Public Policy and research interest in educational policies of post-conflict countries.  In 2014 she graduated Kyiv National Economic University with a Masters in International Economics. Since then, for 4 years she has been developing educational projects in a number of leading education institutions and business schools of Ukraine and served a term as a Vice-President in Fundraising of the European Youth Parliament-Ukraine, one of the largest youth NGOs in the country. She is experienced in project management, curriculum development, program administration and fundraising. Lidiia has been running a team of 13 while leading the Fundraising department, facilitated department strategy development and curated its implementation. She has been trained in the CLS/TCCC first aid program and has experience in emergencies.



I don’t like writing pamphlets about myself, but my boring bio doesn’t speak much. I am a Ukrainian civil activist and relentless enthusiast of education, which I believe is the only source of hope for my home country. But if you don’t want to develop headache you probably don’t want to ask me about Ukrainian politics.  My life motto is “Homo homini lumen est” which means “A human is light for another human”, and I am striving to comply with it by engaging into and creating engaging learning opportunities. I have been in charge of a number of brand new things at the education market of my country – School of Mayors, Procurement Professionalization Program, Anti-corruption Youth Forum - and personal discountenance of the accepted order of things has been my main motivator in these projects. But in the free from revolutions times I am an introvert who adores traveling, food, outdoorsy activities and Asia as a result.  I will be occupying one of the most energizing roles in the school, which kept me smiling all the way through horrendous Chinese visa process in Ukraine. I hope I will eventually fit in well. Feel free to approach and talk about anything. I am introvert but I am trained to be a nice human. PS: Joke. Introverts are nice humans.