Admissions Officer




B.A. in International Economics, Nankai University.

Worked in the field of international commerce for 2 years and in ZTE for 11 years.

I have taken positions as tenderer, corporate planner, HR, administrator. Focus on research and practice of parentage and individual growth theory due to my interests in children education and human beings. Writer of "Stories Help: Parenting Magic that Does Not Involve Beating, Scolding, and Lecturing". From hearing about MSA to joining MSA, it is just a serendipitous journey.



I mostly keep a low profile with a few shining moments. I love being alone while enjoying interactions. I long for a life of freedom and nature. For several times, I have sent my kids as the first cohort of innovative education. Love writing and telling stories to express myself. Recruiting students is a process of mutual meeting, growth, and story-telling to me. If it is destiny, we will co-build a new story. At present, my biggest satisfaction is that I have a girl and boy. My biggest appreciation is that I could be part of this changing world. I am just a follower among the waves of this world.