Western Humanities




My name is Andrew Zutell, and I am a lifelong educator and lover of learning, having worked in a variety of school settings both in the United States and abroad. My background in teaching includes music, ESL, and middle and high school English language arts. As a PhD candidate, my research focus is on integrating the arts and music into academics with interdisciplinary and project-based curriculum and instruction. I am honored to become a part of the exciting shared mission and vision of Moonshot Academy: to contribute my own knowledge and experiences while learning from the incredibly bright and talented educators on this team.



Last summer, I was privilieged to visit the Moonshot Academy incubator, where I learned about the wonderful vision that this amazing team is making into a reality. My experience there was truly inspiring, both validating and re-affirming my deepest sensibilities as an educator. At Moonshot, the project-based, digitally-infused, collaborative, cross-curricular, and student-centered approaches to teaching and learning are elegantly integrated into a cohesive model based around shared values. I wholeheartedly believe that these sorts of learning experiences will prove to be the most beneficial to this generation of young people, who need skills, training, and confidence to take on the challenges of an uncertain future. I have always been of the mind that learning can and should be fun. It was Einstein who supposed that “play is the highest form of research.” When students and teachers alike are engaged and filled with purpose, deep and meaningful learning can occur. I hope I can offer my own meaningful contribution to this effort through high-quality curriculum development, teaching, and research. Thank you all for your warm welcome!