Aesthetic Education & Arts




Independent artist.

Had exhibitions in Iran, Afghanistan, the Philippines, UK, etc.

VP, AIESEC Global HQ (Rotterdam)

President, AIESEC, Iran HQ (Teheran)

VP, AIESEC mainland China (Beijing)

Consultant, Asian Development Bank.

Degrees in Fine Arts from Royal College of Art and Chinese Studies in Zhengzhou University.



Working with AIESEC for 6 years took me to more than 30 countries and territories for cross-cultural understanding and youth leadership development projects, which made me believe that humankind is the core of world development, how to achieve the fulfillment of humankind’s potential is the fundamental solution to solve world issues and to promote world development. During my training experience, I found that how to change people’s mindset is the most basic but hardest step, but art has the fundamental power to empower lives and to inspire action, so I decided to be an artist who uses art to make bigger influence and create a better world. In Iran and Afghanistan, I hosted solo exhibitions ‘Persian Princess’ to raise awareness of gender equality and violence issues in the Middle East. In slums of Manila, I initiated the project ‘Color Up the Dark, running workshops and creating murals to raise awareness of poverty and education issues in the Philippines. Studying art and design at Royal College of Art in London has led me to the contemporary art world, currently I’m doing contemporary art experiments to discover self, and what brings all human beings together.