Western Humanity/Coach




Student mentor, Keru Social Change Consulting Company

Academic designer, Marco Polo AI programming

Interviewer, Admission Office, Dickinson College

Researcher, PEER Course Development

Researcher on gender equality in refugee issues, US Army War College Peacekeeping Institute

 Service Trip & Community Service Program Leader, Dickinson College, Center for Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice



I’m the one coming from Kunming, Yunnan, with a big smile. Studied international relations and music performance, I have done research projects in the biggest slum in India and played concert in Royal Danish Academy of Music. I have led service learning projects to Central America, rural China, as well as Cambodia. Grew from these experiences, I realized that finding power within people can really makes the world a better place. So I joined the amazing MSA, to explore the essence of education, to grow and to find the lights within everyone.