School Coach




Professional experience

Global Educator

Moonshot Academy School Coach

Cross-cultural communication and business strategic consultant

U.S. public school certified teacher and principal serving K-12 schools

Isetan Co. Group Marketing PR, Mitsubishi Bank and Mitsuho Bank, Financial Analyst



Born in southern China, I am a product of excellent education in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. After studying and working abroad in multiple locations, I was drawn to education as a lifelong career. My career in education began with teaching in a diverse range of urban and suburban schools. Having worked with students from diverse backgrounds inspired me to devote myself to the true meaning of education and provide sustainable and future-ready skills to all learners. In addition to my advertising, public relations, and financial banking experience, I am a former bilingual / foreign language / literacy teacher, academic coach, deep learning course designer, principal, social and emotional education trainer, and district director of reformed and innovation schools.

I hope to bring different perspectives and knowledge, and skills collected from various experiences and roles to aligning education for the 21st century and beyond.