External Advisor





Independent Researcher

Superintendent, BN Vocational School

Trustee of ArtMia Foundation

Ed. D, University of Southern California

M.A., University of Hawaii

M.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UIUC

B.A., Peking University




Having collected just enough degrees (BA from PKU, China, two Mas, and Ed.D. from University of Southern California, U.S.), Dr. Qian had been a university professor, a headmaster and governor for international schools in both China and U.S., Dr. Qian has published 9 books, and he is also the Chinese translator of You, your child and school by Sir Ken Robinson. As an independent researcher, he has visited nearly 300 schools and institutions in 12 countries over 3 years and delivered 300+ speeches and workshops. He is dedicated to promoting and accelerating education equity through innovation.