Executive Consultant




Independent Education Researcher

Board member of Wellington China

Board member of Chinese Study Center, Beijing

Chairman of ArtMia Foundation

Volunteer Teacher, BN Vocational School

Ph. D, University of Southern California

M.A., University of Hawaii

M.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UIUC

B.A., Peking University



After being raised up and finishing my high school in Shanghai, I've set my vagabond path from Peking University. For those 9 years in the U.S., I have deeply experienced the education in America both as a student and an educator while getting a bunch of almost useless degrees. My job positions are: principal in both China and the US, college professor, kindergarten director, TA to professor, interpreter for a Minister, tutor for rich kids, CEO for a Chinese corporation, news anchor in the US, a peddler, a truck driver, a waitress, an art seller, and even an illegal labor and a hired test-taker. I have lived in 15 cities, been to 40 countries, written 7 books, done hundreds of speeches, and now I am floor-sweeper at MSA.