Organization Development Counselor/Coach




B.E., Beijing Normal University

M.E., Boston University

Individual and Team Coach, International Coaching Association

Core member, u.lab, China

10 years of professional experience in education in China and US



I am an educator who loves exploring and mingling different things together from different fields. I'm also an individual and team coach, a U-theory practitioner, and a Social Presenting Theathre facilitator. I have worked with schools, NGOs, and other types of organizations and with from 2-year-olds to retired people. My workshop covers stories, power of games and organization restructuring. People told me that I have worked across different fields. But I know the core of my work is to "facilitate people to grow".  I was attracted by the life of MSA and people here. I hope we can build an open, efficient, and authentic organization and community with everyone. My other job at MSA is to build the MSA educator’s development system. My biggest hobby is to learn from and get inspired by people from different kinds of fields and incorporate the learning and knowledge into a prototype.