Interdisciplinary Course/Coach




Emlyon Business School, France

Academic & R&D Director, Weplanets Education

Multiple years of working at international companies

Chinese representative of French Applied Philosophy School

Co-founder, China Children Philosophy Research Center



A pragmatic idealist and an innovative educator. From the trip to Tibet with San Mao's book when I was 18, I never stopped travelling. From Beijing to Shanghai, and then to France for 10 years. In spite of business school and working at a Fortune 500 company, I still consider education as my biggest passion. Thanks to my family and a French philosopher called Oscar Brenifier, I've found my way back on the road of making myself meaningful with awesome MSAers. Hopefully, through philosophical thinking, I could help more people know themselves and broaden the limits of their thoughts. Everyone has potentials to be a better self and find happiness while finding his or her value and position in this broad world.