Head of Academic Department




Graduated from Hongkong University and exchanged student at Tsinghua University

Department of Education, Graduate School of Brown University

Founder of Yirui Education

Chief Consultant of Future Education

Worked at Mount Pleasant High School, USA

Researched at Providence Public Schools Highlander Institute



He said that for the first 18 years of my life, I am a kid of others' who walked a so-called right path defined by others. Suddenly, a moment of clarity occured to me: I don't have to experience the world by the way that the others told me.  Knowing who I am and what I want is more important to where I am going. I have been to 32 provinces in China, 15 states in the US, and 30 countries around the world. Being a voracious reader and traveler. Feeling the others with my heart. That's how I am learning to get to know this world right now.  I believe either my body or my soul should be on the road through travelling or reading.