Build world-class academic research institute and fully integrate scientific research results with practical teaching scenarios.

The main tasks of the Institute are to provide design support for the content of MSA's educational programs; test the programs; collect operational practice data of Beijing campus to duplicate the school model, and make a systematic observation and give feedback to the actual operation of Beijing campus. Through high-quality academic research and exchange activities, the Institute will establish resources links and academic brands for MSA in the field of global innovative education.

Supporting MSA


The Research Institute is deeply involved in the design of BL, which includes presentation of academic objectives, operational mechanism, and roles and responsibilities of teachers.
Academic objectives
According to the in-depth study of the IB curriculum system, the A-Level curriculum system, the AP curriculum, and the examination and other mature international curriculum systems, the Institute collates and produces a Knowledge Map covering all the above curriculum systems. It also demonstrates the requirements and standards of each curriculum system for the knowledge, concepts, and content on the Knowledge Map through Bloom cognitive hierarchy (memorization, understanding, application, analysis, evaluation and creation).
Operation mechanism
The institute proposes the specific operating form, the activity content, and the milestones for the BL, and designs and makes the Knowledge Map that can be used to display learning progress and learning outcomes.
Roles and responsibilities of teachers
The institute designs and proposes the roles and responsibilities of teachers in BL.
The Institute provides PBL and DL learning modules with the Guidebook, as well as the design tools and design Manual needed for curriculum design.
It clarifies the curriculum development goals, teaching forms, course development procedure, curriculum standards, teachers’ standards, and teacher's professional development.
Tools and Manual
It contains the Knowledge Map covering the IB curriculum and SAT Subject curriculum system, so that teachers can clarify the core knowledge and concepts involved in the project curriculum. It also contains the detailed breakdown of the core competency model of MSA and relevant teaching tools and resources for performance evaluation.
The Institute designs and establishs a feedback evaluation system that runs through teaching and life as the replacement of the traditional score and assessment system, and creates a transcript system that conforms to the MTC (Mastery Transcript Consortium) model.

Testing Plan


  • In view of the design content of the learning modules, the Research Institute will propose specific test scenarios and content test schemes to MSA.
  • On account of the combination of evaluation feedback system and teaching, the Institute will work with MSA to carry out relevant tests of curriculum and evaluation based on specific courses.

Model Construction and Validation


  • The Institute will continue to collect the operational practices data of the Beijing campus, including the specific curriculum contents of the learning modules, the design ideas and the master plan of the activities in the students' life, and the specific operational practices of the Beijing campus.
  • Through the operational practices of Beijing Campus, the Institute will systematically observe and give feedback on the school model.
  • Continually upgrade the school model system based on operational practices



  • 现型评估相关的教师专业发展资源
  • PBL等教学模式的课程设计专业发展资源
  • 面向未来教育的新型教师专业发展资源

School Model


Mentor Guidebook


Bilingual Immersive Education Guidebook


Blended Learning Guidebook


Project Based Learning Guidebook


Deeper Learning Guidebook


Course Design Tutorials


MSA Learner Handbook


Learner Centered Learning Guidebook


Project Design Template


PBL Course Syllabus Template


Understanding By Design Template