In MSA, we will help students gradually identify their future goals, and accordingly make their career development choices after graduation. Our students may choose to go to the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and other English-speaking countries or regions for their further studies, or start their own businesses or get employed, or even choose to learn more about society in the gap year to clarify their future goals.



College counselling workshops are expected to familiarize learners with the college application procedures and factors that can affect their application and to address some of the common issues and challenges that learners can face in college application. These workshops will introduce all steps relevant to college application.

Application process

01 申请过程

learners will fully understand the college application procedures and factors that can affect their application.

Application elements

02 申请要素

learners will learn about the basics of college admission requirements, such as standardized tests, academic courses, extracurricular activities, psychological status, cross-cultural competency, and so on.

Application planning

03 申请计划

leaners will individualize their college application roadmap and plans, select the schools that greatly match their field of interests and objectives, and develop their basic competencies required by these schools through resources in and outside MSA.

Individualized College Counselling Plan


College counsellors will guide learners on their college application roadmap through one-on-one counselling. Through counselling, learners can make their own application timeline and discuss and explore preparations needed. College counsellors will follow up their applications with continuous guidance and suggestions. All learners will be able to make a clear timetable, a school list, and a plan for courses and extracurricular activities in a given semester.

Roadmap planning

01 路径规划

College counsellors will guide leaners on their college application roadmap and timeline so that learners can be well aware of admission standards and the according preparations needed, including standardized tests, academic preparations, and extracurricular activities.

Application Strategy

02 申请策略

College counsellors will guide learners to research on potential schools that they intend to apply. Learners will be guided on how to collect and organize relevant data and information, which will be instrumental in finalizing their school list.

Academic Planning

03 学术规划

College counselors will facilitate learners to make appropriate course selection plans and standardized test prep plans based on their interests and objectives. 

Activity Planning

04 活动规划

College counsellors will recommend relevant extracurricular activities and community service resources to help enhance their completeness in college application. 

Application Counselling

05 申请指导

College counsellors will guide learners on how to recommend themselves to schools appropriately and how to write application essays, CVs, and application forms.

Psychological Counselling

06 心理疏导

College counselors will help learners in stress management and multi-tasking management from the psychological aspect.

Honesty and Authenticity

07 诚信与真实

College counselors will guide students to be honest and authentic in college applications.

Experiences to Better Learner’s School Selection


The following experiences and activities will assist learners in acquiring hands-on information about different schools and gain a deeper insight of the potential schools that they intend to apply. These experiences will help learners make more reasonable choices and judgements.

School Visit


MSA is expected to conduct a school visit at least once per academic year so that learners can have access to the updated information about potential colleges. Each visit will involve 6 to 8 schools. College counselors will be invited to official info sessions and campus tours organized the college admission office and admission officers. The list of school visit will be made based on students' preferences and school's open day schedules. 

College Exhibition


MSA will participate in public events organized by different colleges. In these events, MSA will acquire application information from admission officers and introduce MSA and learners to them. 

Experience Sharing by Successful College Applicants


Successful college applicants will be invited to MSA to share their insights on academic and student’s life in colleges to help learners optimize their choices.

Family Participation


College counsellors will help parents to learn about college application procedures and factors that can affect their children's application and guide them how to offer support to learners in college application as parents.

Parents College Counselling Workshops


College counsellors will help parents to learn about college application planning, the system of application, timetable and other elements in college application. Besides, they also offer advices on how to address mental stress inside the family and how to support their children in the process of application. 

One-on-one Dialogue with Family


College counsellors will have conversations with the family to discuss, plan and finalize learners' college application roadmap and timetable while equipping the family with knowledge on college admission requirements, relevant preparations needed, and learners' college readiness.