Each learner will be provided with personalized learning experience: every student has his/her own unique interest, needs and learning progress, so in the mentor program, each MSA student will work with a mentor to explore and set his/her own learning goal, and obtain a personalized learning experience.

Coach Matching and Trust-building


MSA will prepare a portfolio for each coach and learner. At the beginning of the academic year, all coaches and learners will learn about each other through "living library". Then after watching coaching mock scenes, they are hoped to find a mutual match for each other. For each coach, there will be no more than 8 coachees to ensure that all learners can be deeply involved in the coaching experiences.

Objectives Workshops


At the beginning of each semester, coaches will organize a variety of workshops based on the needs of their learners from different grades. For example, workshops about course selection, college counseling, activities, social life, student life, and community services, etc. Learners can choose which one they desire to go and how often they participate based on their personal needs.

Objective Management Support


At MSA, coaches will offer each learner relevant tools to plan their objectives and execute on the plan. Through daily check-ins and check-outs, coaches can also help update leaners’ daily achievements which are built towards their final objectives.

Dialogues with Coach


At MSA, coaches will either have one-on-one talks or group dialogues with learners to assist them in managing their objectives, to facilitate peer feedback and questions, and to promote mutual learning and growth.

A Throwback to Growth


At the end of each semester, MSA will organize an event where coaches and learners will celebrate their past achievements and reflect on their growths. During the semester, coaches will also organize similar events with learners.