Psychology Counselling Department at MSA intends to build up learners' mental strength, grit, and adaptability. It will also educate learners and teachers on general knowledge about mental health and practical methods and tools to address mental issues. Every learner and teacher at MSA should be able to know when and how to seek for professional psychological aids. The department desires to build an unbiased school culture about mental health prevention and counselling.

Month of Mental Health


At MSA, every October is the "Month of Mental Health". In this month, a mental health workshop will be organized weekly where learners can learn mental health fundamentals, adolescent mental characteristics, and long-term mental development.

Workshops intend to involve but not limited to: 

  • Personal strength and recognize resources

  • Mental health
  • Psychology counselling
  • Development of resilience
  • Education on inertia
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Cultural adaptation
  • ……

Psychology Counselling and Support


At MSA, leaners can seek for mental counselling and support from Psychology Counselling Department under any circumstances. In some special cases, external psychological professionals are also available.