More than ever, we need everyone to embrace the highly uncertain future with their talent and mission, openness and creativity. We will establish a people-centered teaching system to support personalized development of each student.

Mentor System


Each learner will be provided with personalized learning experience: every student has his/her own unique interest, needs and learning progress, so in the mentor program, each MSA student will work with a mentor to explore and set his/her own learning goal, and obtain a personalized learning experience.

Feedback System


We apply Feedback System instead of Evaluation System to name the system that collects and demonstrates students' learning progress. In MSA, all learning experience has specific objective for core literacy development. In the Feedback System, we assess the mastery of knowledge and core literacy by collecting relevant evidence that proves the development of knowledge and core literacy. Learners are the center of the Feedback System, and they can set their learning goals independently and seek feedback from others (not only teachers) for self-development.

Personalized Study


With the philosophy to “build a school for everyone”, the IT platform of MSA provides highly personalized education for learners. It assists each learner to set personal goals, formulates Knowledge Map, learning path and competency model for learners, and promotes their personalized development according to Feedback Mechanism. The IT platform also provides an immediate report of MTC (Mastery Transcript Consortium), which enables the students to have more options upon graduation.

After Graduation


In MSA, we will help students gradually identify their future goals, and accordingly make their career development choices after graduation.We will try our best to make our curriculum adaptable to students' various after-graduation choices and introduce all sorts of learning resources and opportunities to support their career development. Our students may choose to go to the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and other English-speaking countries or regions for their further studies, or start their own businesses or get employed, or even choose to learn more about society in the gap year to clarify their future goals.