Solving real challenges in interdisciplinary projects

Personal Coach


At MSA, learners will be matched to a "mentor" who can individualize their development, explore, set up learning goals, select the learning experiences that best fit them. At present, the mentoring match has evolved to "MSA Coaching System". Guided by their coaches and teamed up with their peers, learners are expected to set up their personal goals and accomplish them. By the virtue of such an intimate mentorship, they can continuously stimulate themselves with challenges, learn independently, and find their purposes in life.

Team coach


At MSA, learners are grouped in Interdisciplinary Projects as the basic organizational unit. With the guidance of their project coaches, they establish ane implement projects that contribute the shared destiny of the entire human community.

Co-build Center


The Center of Moral Education and Co-building is dedicated to build the norms and regulations to create an environment where a sense of citizenship is built into the community. The center liases all other centers of learners' management, focusing on developing self-directed and socially aware learners. The Center also manages the Co-building Committee, Senior Learners Committee, and Dorm Management Committee.