Learning not only occurs in books and courses, but also anytime and anywhere in life, such as in an activity, a movie, a dialogue, etc.

In MSA, every student, teacher, and staff are the founders of the community culture. We encourage each member of the community to initiate or participate in activities, and we hope that the students will be involved in developing and designing all activities to realize student-centered education, and provide a deeper self-exploration and learning environment. In MSA, based on deep understanding and practice of experiential learning concept, community activities enable students to acquire the knowledge they expect from plans, action and reflection, and participants to develop their competences in an open, positive, and mutually supportive environment.

Global Table


On the first evening of school, each MSA community member will bring a hometown dish and talk about its history and folk stories.

Conversation in the Dark


“Soul visualization” is a sincere and frank talking with “strangers” regardless of name, appearance and identity in a completely dark environment. 


Give me three minutes


Everyone will be given three minutes to give an impromptu speech on MSA’s stage, and you will see the topics that do not come up in daily conversation, such as what is love, how to define family, and so on.

Dormitory transformation


You could re-design, purchase materials, and transform your dormitories within MSA budget.

Zodiac Birthday



Community map


Entering our community and drawing a map about its “people” and “issues”. You could find relevant information on the map, such as the place where Aunt Zhang often goes to buy vegetables, uncle Li goes to drink tea,  and the location someone need help.

Living library


It is a library where we could read lives of other people. We will invite people from different fields, regions with different cultures, and we could read their lives and stories.

Budy Bongbongbong

Budy Bongbongbong

It is a brainstorm on community activities where all the members including students, teachers, faculty, and parents could discuss the future activities in MSA.  
The world is a school, you have plenty of opportunities in MSA to step out the campus and step into diverse scenarios in the real world. For example, to experience the lives of different groups and understand the actual challenges in each life; to enter into numerous industries to experience the career lives; to walk into different cultures and regions to learn to respect others, and understand the origin, similarities and differences as well as the value of these cultures. You are expected to understand the working mechanism and complicity of society based on practical experiences, comprehend the multi-culture, and possess knowledge, abilities and mindset of being global citizens.

City Map


Based on your interpretation of Beijing, draw a city map in a different way with only two marks, one for warmth and the other for problems in the city. Try to solve these problems in your next semester.

Be the Shadow

职业 Shadow 体验

Apply to be the Shadow of one employee of a company to learn about the job and life of this position through working with him or her for a short time.


Business site visit


MSA will organize learners to visit different enterprises and organizations specialized in science and technology, culture and education to know about their presentations about their businesses, and to listen to the founders talking about their start-ups stories.



The Beijing campus of MSA is located in Z-Park, adjoining to other start-ups there. Try to learn about the legends in the past and the stories that are happening now.
In MSA, parents, the members of the community, are not only the supporters, but also grow up with students and other members. We will provide parents with Deeper Learning courses to enable them to realize self-exploration inwards, and lifelong learning outwards; we will launch Parenting workshop and salon for parents to discuss with family education experts about how to parent children in a scientific way and find a better self.

Parenting Workshop


How to become a parent who can facilitate the children in a positive way? Parenting workshop will introduce and let you experience parenting concepts and techniques.

Professions’ Salon


Education is radically changing worldwide, therefore we will invite an educational expert to discuss the development trend of the world and developmental orientation of education industry with parents on each salon.


Parent community salon


As part of Moonshot community, parents, together with students, will be invited to participate in community service activities held in MSA to promote family ties.
According to the developmental laws of juvenile physical exercises, MSA aims to facilitate the sound physical and mental development of students, and cultivate the lifelong exercise habits by multiple sports to spread and practice MSA’s culture. MSA sets a minimum of 200 sports hours for each student, reserves the students’ rights for personalized exercises and proposes a 3+N P.E. program.



In MSA, three sport competitions will be held each year to advocate sportsmanship, MSA culture and training objects. The competition will be jointly voted and selected by students and mentors, and the competition system will be formulated by the committees elected by students and mentors.





Rock Climbing