Admissions Information


01 Admission information of MSA for the academic years of 2019 to
For the academic year of 2020 to 2021, MSA plans to recruit 100 students.
02 When could I submit my application for MSA?
MSA recruits students in a scrolling way that their applications for admission will handled throughout the year, and applicants will be informed to enter the diverse rounds of review, interview and enrollment according to their application dates, degrees and MSA teaching resources. The application channel for this year will be closed when the enrollment are fully registered and the channel for the following academic year will be opened.
03 Is there any restriction on household registration or citizens

In MSA, there is no restriction on household registration or the citizenship for the applicants.

04 May I experience in or visit MSA?

In MSA, we will hold the activity “Moonshot hours” weekly for families that are interested in MSA, during which our admission officers will guide the visiting families to understand MSA and explain to them about enrollment. Besides, we will organize activities “Moonshot Projects” for several times on weekends from November to next March, among which you are invited to spend a weekend with us to engage in the study and life in MSA. Please refer to the WeChat Official Account of MSA for details of the activities and registration methods.

05 What are the procedures for the application for MSA?

Step 1: register an account for application 注册你的申请账号

Step 2: submit the questionnaire of application 提交申请问卷

Step 3: pay for the application fee 支付申请费用

Step 4: online/offline interview 线上/线下面试

Step 5: receive the admission results 得到录取结果

06 Is there any fees for the application for MSA?

You need to pay RMB 780 for the MSA application, which covers the basic costs of both human and material resources. Whether the application is successful or not, you will receive a feedback and assessment report that is based on your performance in MSA application, and the application fee is non-refundable. 

07 Please contact admission officers of MSA for more explanations
Tel No. of admission office: 01086461609

MSA Informations


01 What is the program orientation of MSA?
MSA is a full time innovative high school program for students from all over the world with knowledge reserves and cognitive abilities that meet the requirements. Generally, we recommend it for students from G8-G10 (junior grade two to senior grade one in China). MSA provides 3- or 4-year education programs for students who mostly attend overseas universities after graduation.
02 Does MSA provide enrollment status?

Currently, MSA does not provide enrollment status, but this does not prevent students from applying for admission to overseas universities.

03 What is the main career development upon for the graduating students?
Most MSA graduates will apply for and attend overseas universities.
04 What is the main career development upon for the graduating students?

We do not recommend MSA graduates taking part in NCEE because MSA courses have nothing prepared for NCEE. But if MSA graduates want to attend Chinese universities to complete their development goals after negotiating with their parents, they can still apply to return to their domicile places to participate in NCEE as social examinees.

05 What is the relationship between MSA and PUHS?

Both MSA and the Affiliated High School of Peking University (AHSPU) are completely independent subjects. In September 2017, MSA reached a strategic cooperation agreement with AHSPU, the contents of which mainly include: MSA provides AHSPU with core competency oriented courses, teacher training, and overall design and establishment of innovation space; in return, AHSPU provides MSA with the right to use some resources and venues without affecting its normal teaching and operation. Cooperation between the two sides does not involve any school affairs.

06 What is the address of MSA?

Address of MSA Beijing Campus: No. A-82, Daniwan Road, Haidian District, Beijing;

Academy & Curriculum


01 What kind of specific scenarios will the students have for the

The learning scenarios in MSA are divided into three categories: BL, PBL, and DL. After attending MSA, students will work with their academic mentors to develop their learning goals and plans and choose various types of courses.    

•      In the BL scenario, students will learn subjects knowledge through online courses and offline learning groups.

•      In the PBL scenario, students and team members will work on the projects together, constructing the core competences to cope with the future society, and integrating and applying knowledge across subjects.

•     In the DL scenario, students will learn in various methods such as round-table discussions and Socratic dialogues to fulfill the self-exploration, master the way of thinking and learning, and build a systematic perspective.

02 Does MSA provide language tutoring for standardized tests such

MSA will not provide any test-oriented English training for students to apply for foreign university admissions. In MSA, students will be immersed in English learning and using environment, the English support program ESL will also help students establish a solid language foundation. With the online learning platform, students can autonomously learn TOEFL, SAT, ACT, and other standardized test courses.

03 How does MSA schedule its curriculum?

In MSA, there are four phases in each semester:

•     Orientation Week: With a duration of one week, it aims to initiate the establishment of MSA culture and the teacher-student relationship, formulate the regulations of MSA through the joint efforts made by teachers and students, and match the students with their mentors;

•     Boost Weeks: With a duration of three weeks, students are expected to adapt to the new learning methods and school lives through immersive and intense learning experience; they will be hopeful about their future development in MAS via intensive experience; and they will plan for the whole semester to select courses in Regular Weeks; 

•     Regular Weeks: With a duration of 11 weeks, it will provide students with various courses covering all academic fields to meet their learning demands; Moonshot community will be constructed by teachers and students together; and the mentors will update and adjust the OKR on a regular basis;

•     Celebration Weeks: with a duration of three weeks, student-initiated PBL projects will be carried out and the periodical results of the semester will be demonstrated.

04 What does the composition of MSA teaching team and faculty loo

In MSA, our faculty, experts in their own academic fields, have been trained on teaching expertise; the student-faculty ratio is around 7:1 when the number of students in a campus reaches its limitation (300 students).

05 Does MSA offer support to learners who are talented in art, sp

In MSA, while the curriculum system does not directly support the cultivation of students' specialties that are at high professional levels, students in MSA still enjoy bigger room for development compared with whom in traditional schools. They could communicate with their mentors, and choose courses of MSA according to their future development. Meanwhile, MSA will also seek excellent social resources for students to support their individual development.

Campus & Student Life


01 What are the characteristics of the space design in MSA?

When the forms of offline learning are interactive project- or discussion- based learning rather than one-way teaching, the physical space should be redesigned. Therefore, MSA works with Crossboundaries, a top architectural office, to redefine the learning environment.

In MSA, a standardized learning space will cover an area of about 5,000 square meters and accommodate 300 students for learning. The per capita usable area of the space is about 15 square meters, more than three times that of the joint office space. Compared with classrooms in traditional schools, the space of MSA is more like the offices of Google Inc., and it supports self-study & preview, project-based learning, experiment & hands-on operation, conference & discussion-based learning, artistic creation, fitness, recreation and other scenes.

02 What about students life in MSA?
MSA will release experience-based projects at the end of each semester, including overseas study tours or exchange programs for travelling to different regions and countries and contacting with diverse groups and cultures. Students could select their own experiential learning projects according to their interests and development orientations.
03 In MSA, do I have the opportunity to entry different industrie

With strategic cooperation with “Shixiseng”, the largest domestic platform for interns, MSA provides students with the information and resource platform for interns. Mentors will assist students to explore the directions for internship and the targeted enterprises. However, students should pass the interviews to obtain the internships through their own efforts.

04 In MSA, what is the relationship between home and school?
In MSA, parents represent not only the identities that are relative to students, but also the co-founders of MSA. They will be invited to involve in some work of MSA - either the implementation of courses and activities for students, or construction and plans for MSA; we will also provide courses and activities for parents their continuous study.

Boarding & Security


01 What about the accommodation in MSA?

In MSA, the dormitory is not only a place for "sleep", but also an important scene in the establishment of the Moonshot community culture and lifestyle. Therefore, MSA works with the domestic top designers of associated-living space to design the dormitories, and create an independent accommodation in a pattern of associated-living space around the campus.

02 How to commute between the campus and the dormitories?

MSA will offer several shuttle buses commuting between the campus and the dormitories from Monday to Friday to ensure a convenient and safe commutation for students.

03 Is accommodation compulsory in MSA? Is it feasible to be an da

Accommodation life is an important scene for establishing the Moonshot community culture and lifestyle, and the implementation of many activities takes dorm life as the carrier. Therefore, new students are required to lodge in MSA for the first academic year. If there are any physical or psychological problems, it is necessary to communicate with MSA to find a solution together.

04 Is there any canteen in the campus or dormitories of MSA?

MSA will establish dining space for serving the three meals of a day both in the campus and the dormitories. Both the campus and dormitories locate in the zones with comprehensive infrastructures, such as shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets and so on, and students could also eat out of the academy. 

05 In such a dorm, what kind of activities and life experiences w

Life instructors will initiate various activities relevant to accommodation within a semester. For example, your classmates, teachers and you could be grouped to design and decorate your dorm, cook or taste foods around the world in the living-space of MSA, or hold a party of reading or viewing together, and you could even apply for launching an activity together with your instructors. It's up to you.