Knowledge is not equal to wisdom, knowing does not mean applying.

How to use philosophical thinking to help us live better, is the mission of applied philosophy / practical philosophy. It's also the life long learning goal that I want to practice with you together. 

Thinking power - The art of questioning,  is an introductory course of applied philosophy. The core of the course is to think like a philosopher, to learn the attitude of the philosopher, to improve our thinking power; More importantly, is to use and practice your thinking power in everyday life, to live better. 

Based on this goal, there are various materials can be used for our thinking training, which can be the philosophical knowledge in the traditional sense, the big questions, but also the questions from our daily life, the choices to be made, or the metaphor from stories, etc.

In ten weeks, we will exercise our brain musual and think hard together. You will learn how to give logical arguments like a philosopher, how to give reasonable inference like a detector, and we will improve the flexibility of thinking and critical thinking skills. During the real people libarary session, we will discuss together with very different people, to enjoy the moment when our thinking is challenged. Because as Aristotal said, philosophy starts from astonishment. 



Western Philosophy
Curriculum Length
10 weeks / 3 blocks per week
Chinese / English

Teaching Aims


Key Competency & Skills

Critical Thinking

Team Introduction