Why we do what we do? Why do some people have high aspirations, and some people just want an easy life? Motivation is an interesting thing. Sometimes we are very easy to feel it, full of strength and determination to achieve our goal, but sometimes our procrastination is infinitely extended, and it is difficult for our own goals. Motivation is the basis of most of human behavior. In this course, we will study the theory of motivation and the theory of staged development through the historical figures that learners are most interested in. We will also study the early psychology masters Piaget, Freud and Maslow to build a knowledge structure about motivation. Most importantly, while learning motivation from a scientific perspective, our learners will begin to reflect on their motivations and begin to manage their behaviors.



Humanities & Self-cognition
Curriculum Length
10 weeks / 4 blocks per week
Chinese / English

Teaching Aims


Key Competency & Skills

Self awareness
Critical thinking

Key Concepts & Knowledge:

Six main theory for motivation, their pros and cons
An introduction to developmental stage theory

Team Introduction