What is happiness? Can happiness be defined by science? Is human meaning to maximize happiness? From Aristotle in ancient Greece to the great sages of Eastern civilization, happiness has always been one of the ultimate problems that human beings are constantly exploring. In the first year of deep learning, we hope to explore a deep topic from a very simple scene in life. In this happiness class, we will lead students to understand the formation of the discipline of positive psychology, observe the application of the subject in real scenes at the State Key Laboratory of Positive Psychology at Tsinghua University; we will also study happiness in the brain with students. The definition of learning, and to observe and experience the application of brain neurology in innovative education, gamification experience design and marketing; finally we will also discuss the definitions and definitions of happiness in major religions. After building a systematic definition of happiness together, we will lead students to improve their habits of happiness, through design thinking, to observe the surrounding communities in depth, and to design a viable and sustainable community service experience. To spread happiness for the larger crowd.



Humanities & Self-cognition
Curriculum Length
10 weeks / 4 blocks per week
Chinese / English

Teaching Aims


Key Competency & Skills

Habit building
Practicing growth mindset
Information organization
Empathy building
Personal reflection

Key Concepts & Knowledge

Happiness definition in positive psychology
Definition of flow
Happiness definition in neuroscience
Happiness definition in religion 

Team Introduction