The course An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy invites students to a basic question: Is there Chinese philosophy at all? In order to answer this question, students need to understand what philosophy is, where it comes from and how it works today. and of course to read the original Chinese classic texts so as to understand the way Chinese thinks and what makes them think so. Students will also learn about the methods and tools modern philosophers used, and the limitations of the methods and tools when they encounter Chinese thought. After this course, students are suppoused to realize how Chinese thought and belief are still working in their personality, so to build up their self-recognization.they will be able to interpret Chinese thought to foreigners with western philosophical acadamic frame, and to tell the difference between Western Philosophy and Chinese thought, and aware of their historic reasons. Most important of all, through this course, students will acquire the ability to start self-learning in Chinese thought, and to make judgements on their own. 



Eastern Philosophy
Curriculum Length
10 weeks / 2 blocks per week

Teaching Aims


Key Competency & Skills

Western logic

Ancient Chinese classic textbooks reading

Finding questions through historic material and phenomena

Key Concepts & Knowledge

Contexts of western philosophical contents and methods / Chinese History / History of Chinese thought / Catelogue of ancient Chinese classic texts