Promoting the co-evolution of organizations and individuals to enable each MSAer to work, learn, and grow happily and efficiently and become fulfilled individuals, and active citizens.

MSA recruits teachers who love education from all over the world and across all industries.

MSA recruits not only teachers from the traditional teacher-training industry, but also like-minded people who are drawn to the mission and vision of MSA from all over the world. They could be teachers at prestigious schools, engineers at Apple Inc, advocates of camp education, financial investors, well known public artists, top lab researchers, CTO of innovative technology companies, or volunteers who have been teaching in remote areas for many years.

It means that teachers of MSA have not only a solid foundation of knowledge and professional skills, but also rich life experiences, and they can bring the diversity into the innovative education in MSA. Besides full-time teachers, MSA also actively works with many organizations and professionals to build a diversified community of part-time mentors, bringing students a wider range of perspectives and providing more possibilities for their social developments.

We are building a work model in which all MSA members can grow by working and organizations can develop more autonomously and efficiently.

Teacher’s Development


The goal of cultivating “fulfilled individuals, active citizens” applies not only  to students, but also to MSA teachers for their lifelong learning and continuous growth. We have established a teacher growth framework for personal integrated development, providing a large number of pre-service and in-service training for teachers, and setting up a continuing education fund for teachers. Through extensive teaching and research discussions, co-creation meetings, retrospective meetings, and the support of peer coaches, all teachers can make continuous progress and growth based on the boundaries of their own abilities. 

Our Structure








Evolutionary Principles



In MSA, "Culture" is the basis for all MSA members in treatment, handling, and decisions making. And precisely because of this culture, we can attract top teachers who meet the standards of MSA teachers from all over the world. We use the following four sentences to display the culture of MSA:

MSA Culture

我们用这 4 句话展示了探月的文化

We care, with a big picture vision



We explore, with an open mind



We contemplate, with a focus on essence



We act, with grit



If you are a looking or is becoming a cultivate fulfilled individuals, and active citizens, the education full of enthusiasm, and jointly with the institute of Moonshot Academy have "auxiliary human, explore the future" sense of mission, then you probably is the most suitable person for the Moonshot.

Blending Learning Supporter


What the role will look like


  • Assist students in understanding and adapting to blended learning and provide relevant training
  • Assist academic mentors in designing blended learning lessons and organizing teaching and research activities

  • Track the progress of blended learning and arrange blended learning schedules according to students’ learning in a timely and effective manner

  • Explore all types of learning resources related to blended learning and make effective selection and connection

  • Work together with Project Based-Learning mentors and Deep Learning mentors and create a learning environment with mutual support

What your background might look like


  • Master or doctoral degree in psychology, education, distance education or other related fields. Experience in learning support service in distance education, teaching and learning in distance education, teaching and learning in blended learning or related fields is preferred. 

  • Understand blended learning and know how to creatively carry out blended learning in learner-centered educational environment

  • Have a basic understanding of the respective characteristics of various disciplines at senior high school. Front-line teaching experience is preferred.

  • Familiar with common online learning platforms at home and abroad. Experience of using these platforms is preferred.

  • Good communication skills and able to communicate with students and mentors effectively

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