MSA recruits globally for mission-aligned talents. MSA's international faculty were once teachers from renowned schools, advocates of camp education, investors in the financial sector, engineers at Apple, public artists, or researchers at top labs. MSA is committed to maintaining a work environment where every MSAer can learn and grow together.

We're recruiting teachers from all industries and all over the world.

MSA is not only looking for traditional teachers who graduate from teachers college. MSA is seeking for talents from all industries all over the world who are attracted to our mission and vision. A MSAer could be a teacher at a distinguished school. S/he could be a camping counsellor. S/he could be a financial investor. S/he could be an Apple engineer. S/he could be a famous public artist. S/he could be a top lab researcher. S/he could be a CTO of a tech company. S/he could be a volunteer teacher in the disadvantaged remote areas.

This means a true MSA person should not only have the basic knowledge and skills, but also a diverse life experience. They are expected to bring such a diversity to the innovative education here at MSA. Besides full-time teachers, MSA also sets up an inclusive part-time teaching group from other organizations. Such a diverse community could bring more perspectives to students and offer them access to different possibilities.



The continuation and prosperity of human civilization.



Through education, support each individual to become a “fulfilled individual and active and compassionate citizen” .



  • We are all part of the oneness, and we are all responsible for it.
  • We seek back to the source for the essence.
  • Thinking systematically before decisions, acting valliantly after decisions.
  • Making every effort for the customer.
  • Endless pursuit of perfection
  • All organizational information is accessible to everyone
  • Take a real look inside.
  • Never question motives, never give up on communication.

Potential MSAers


MSA Teacher Profile

In our search for like-minded educators, we want to know:

Why do you want to take part in progressive education at MSA?

What talents and ideas will you share with our learning community?

Do you have a growth mindset and openness to learning?

Can you demonstrate an ability to collaborate effectively as part of a team?


On the professional side, MSA focuses on finding out your level of passion and understanding in your discipline as well as your professionalism. We consider candidates' teaching experience, curriculum design, teaching implementation, assessment and other aspects of professional competency. On top of these, we want to know your teaching knowledge and understanding of aligned pedagogies.


In addition, we will evaluate your integrity and authenticity as a person, whether you are being true with yourself. We believe that being true with ourselves is the foundation of being true to others of and having a sense of security. That sense of security is very important for educators, especially in learner centered education; whether we want to be an authority or a guide, a lot of the time it’s not about technology, it is about having an internal sense of security.

If you are a looking or is becoming a cultivate fulfilled individuals, and active citizens, the education full of enthusiasm, and jointly with the institute of Moonshot Academy have "auxiliary human, explore the future" sense of mission, then you probably is the most suitable person for the Moonshot.

Disciplinary Teacher


What the role will look like


  • Set up the disciplinary curriculum system and carry out the daily teaching work, assist the learner to build the subject knowledge system and the ability of self-study;

  • Design and implement interdisciplinary projects to develop learners’ problem-solving ability with a focus on social issues;
  • Build high-quality external resources of the subject, establish the subject resource bank and the extended association to support the development of the learner.
  • Instructors are currently recruited in English Language and Literature, Western Philosophy Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geography, Chemistry and IT.

What your background might look like


  • Align with the educational concept of MSA, and have enthusiasm towards educational innovation;

  • Have strong learning ability and excellent systematic thinking and eventually set up a complete MSA a single subject teaching system;
  • Experience with project-based courses or have experience in implementing flipped classroom;
  • Have a rich knowledge of the subject taught; have a deep understanding of the subject accomplishment of the subject and be able to use it flexibly;
  • Have in-depth research and practical experience in teaching methods.

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