Welcome to the Moonshot Academy. We look forward to walking with you in the next three years. The enrollment channel of Beijing campus in the academic year 2021-2022 will open soon. Start your journey to the Moonshot!

General Information


Moonshot Academy

Moonshot Academy is an innovative high school education project.


No. 129 Nangao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Target University

overseas university where English will be the main instruction language.


MSA offers dorms and recommend learners to live on campus.

Teacher/Student Ratio

less than 1:6

Instruction Language
English and Chinese

Admit globally for learners from 14 - 17. 

Enrolled grade

Spring term (starts from Feb. 2021): learners will be enrolled in 9th grade or 10th grade.

Fall term (starts from Aug. 2021): learners will be enrolled in 9th grade or 10th grade.

Tuition Fee

The tuition is 180,000 RMB per year. 

Accommodation fee is 28,500 RMB per year.

Dining and social experience are not included in the tuition.

Application Time

2020 December - 2021 June 

Student Profile


What types of students fit Moonshot Academy? We have one sentence to answer this question. We hope every successful applicant could "think independently, and be warm and keen on actions" before they join us.

They should know how to balance freedom and discipline

01 拥有自律之上的自由

Every learner at Moonshot joins because they CHOOSE to have a different education experience here. MSA respects everyone's freedom, which proceeds from self-discipline.

At MSA, we hope every learner could treat their education as an unfinished art, devoting himself or herself to getting the most from each course and improving the quality of each project.

Besides academic rigor, we also hope that every learner could have an open mind, embracing challenges and uncertainties in exploring and developing their interests and ambitions.

Alongside with the advancement of technology, some of us squander their time and energy on cheap entertainment in the internet. Instead, we hope that you could really seek for what makes your life fulfilling, rather than wasting these 3 or 4 years here.

Pursuing your unique self-values

02 持续追寻独特的自我价值

All the systems, experiences and mentors arranged by MSA is to guide and support MSA LEARNER to continuously explore and pursue self-values at MSA.  Know who you are, what you what, and why you are learning. You should make a consistent choice for your growth and be your own life's master.

Acting on our CULTURE and safeguarding our RULES

03 践行「文化」维护「规则」


Every learner at MSA should keep these MSA cultural values in their heart and constantly practice them: we care with a big picture; we explore with an open mind; we contemplate on the essence; we act on grit.  RULES are foundations of an operation of a MOONSHOT COMMUNITY. They are made and obeyed by each MSAer together. Every learner should and will have the right to make the rules as well as to obey them and shoulder the relevant responsibilities.

Establishing cultural identity and self-confidence

04 建立文化认同与自信


Every learner at MSA should try to understand the past, the present, and the future of China and its relationship with the rest of the world in a positive, explorative, objective and constructive manner. Such an endeavor is hoped to help leaners find an in-depth, inclusive and warm cultural identity and self-confidence.

Becoming an active citizen

05 成为积极行动的公民


While enjoying the conveniences and beauties of life offered by the community, our country and society, and the nature, leaners should also shoulder the responsibility given by the community and the country as active citizens. We hope that every learner could have a global insight, understand and embrace all the challenges faced by human beings, and understand his or her ability to influence the world with his or her thoughts and actions. In developing oneself, all MSA leaners are expected to make this world a better place with their actions.

Application Procedure


One application phase will last around 4 weeks. Past MSA applicants said, "Unlike an application to a traditional school, this is more like a self-explorative and MSA-explorative journey." You will help us understand who you are, what is your thinking pattern is, the subjects that you excel at, your learning styles and life styles, your past accomplishment, and your expectations of the future. MSA stuff will assist in addressing any issues in the process.


Sign up for your application account

Please go to the application page of MSA and complete the registration of your account. The account needs to be tied to your mobile phone and Wechat, and you and your parents can quickly log in and apply backstage through your mobile phone or wechat scanning code without having to remember complicated account passwords.


submit the application form

We have asked you and your parents some questions through the online questionnaire so that we can get to know you better. If you have questions that take some time to think about, click save and the answer will be saved the next time you log in. Don’t forget to Click “submit” when you’re done.


Please confirm that the information you have given is true and correct. Personal information is for the sole purpose of applying to the Lunar Exploration Institute and will be kept strictly confidential.


Special Note: The application form is not a simple information collection, but we know each other and understand the process, is also the applicant continuously insight themselves and the moon exploration institute whether the matching process, please fill in carefully and fully.


The assessment results will be updated within 3 working days after the commencement of the application season.


Pay the application fee

If the application is approved, it will go to the academic evaluation. Prior to this, an application fee of 880 yuan is required. The application fee is mainly used to support your examination system and a series of work during the application process. This fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the test passes or not.


Online academic test

After successful payment according to the official website, the system will automatically send a test description email, you need to complete the online academic test before the deadline.



The results will be updated within 10 working days after the completion of the online test. Those who pass the online test will receive an interview notice. The interview needs learners and parents to participate together, please attend the below-line interview on time according to the arrangement of the notice.


To get an acceptance

The staff will inform you of the interview result within 7 working days after the offline interview. When you pass the interview, congratulations, through the full moon exploration college application process. You’ll receive an e-mail from the lunar Accepted.


Welcome to MSA and good luck.



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