“Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe. ”

About MSA


Moonshot Academy (MSA) is an innovative high school futuristic education project. Our first cohort of learners came onboard on September 2018.

What is the future? The origin of MSA stems from a constant inquiry on this question. Scientific advancement is changing the traditional professional system. Those seemingly popular jobs are overtaken by machines at an exponential speed. Climate challenge has turned from an allegedly irrelevant issue to a concrete and factual challenge. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has proposed "strengthening moral education and cultivating people" as the fundamental mission; more and more educators are asking the essential meaning of education. We, living in the present while looking beyond the future, decide to embark on this journey by initiating a future-oriented education project.

MSA was first established in early 2017. The first question that occurred to us when we were thinking about how to design MSA wasn't what MSA should be. Instead, the question centered around what types of person our students would be when they graduate.  With these thoughts, MSA has quoted from Ken Robinson's Creative Schools,

"The aim of education, is to enable students to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens."

This has been summarized into MSA's development goals: to cultivate "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens".

The design our curriculum system is based on "core competencies of Chinese students" and "Course Standards of High Schools". We offer learners bilingual courses which target core competencies.  Such a curriculum system consists of "subject learning", "interdisciplinary project", and "honor courses" which values self-exploration. In the spirit of deep learning, we support our learners with rigorous academic learning and an all-round development of their competencies with a goal to guiding them to be life-long learners and active social innovators.

In addition, we pivot the focus of education from knowledge to learners themselves. A MSA-characteristic system, the coaching system, offers four experiences to our learners. Our coaches, who are also the educators at MSA, will guide our learners on making their objectives, managing their objectives, having dialogues to address challenges and adjust objectives, and review and reflect on their growth. 

Lastly, at MSA, we boast a dual-transcript system—a MTC New Model transcript and a GPA transcript, the former of which is a comprehensive assessment on learners’ knowledge, skills and competencies and the latter of which a summative assessment of their knowledge.  MSA is the only strategic partner and prototype working group member of Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC).

Through two years of hard work, we have now built a proud team of stuff and advisors. Among them, we have a member of the standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, talented and passionate education rookies, former Apple engineers, globetrotting artists, STEAM law promoter in the US, experienced educators, western philosopher with a big beard, and the trailblazer in Chinese thoughts... We hope that through each MSAer, we could illuminate the expanding worlds of each learner and each family.

Moonshot Academy is an innovative high school for youths from the globe. MSA offers 3 or 4-year full-time high school education program.

Mission and Vision


Fulfilled individuals


In short, fulfilled individuals are self-directed learners who possess growth mindset and walk their talks.

· can continuously and deeply establish one's meaning of life and find the route there;

· can keep a positive attitude in adversities and integrate these difficult moments as a vital part of life;

· can develop a clear understanding of one's thoughts and actions and walk the talk.

Active, compassionate citizens


In short, active citizens are practitioners with an advanced systematic view, empathy, and pragmatic drives.

· can develop a systematic view and know every thought and action will have actual influences on this world;

· can have an insight of and positively embrace real challenges in human civilization;

· can act upon these concepts and walk the talk

Moonshot Research Institute


MSA Research Institute is composed by experienced educators and researchers from different backgrounds. They are dedicated to rigorous and empirical analysis and research on educational innovation, model, framework and tools. All these efforts aim to help MSA school model to be an internationally recognized example for Chinese school reform.

Researchers work closely with teachers to perfect their teaching. Meanwhile, teachers also conduct action research and systematically and structurally analyze and improve their teaching and learning. Researchers also tend to build empathetic relationship with learners and educators through classroom observations. We could fully express our opinions and desired to progress together through daily teaching so that we could gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of our education.

  • Academic research: to conduct systematic and scientific research on pedagogies developed and practiced by MSA and to publish our research outcomes in academic journals.

  • Evaluation: to evaluate the operation and outcome of teaching projects at MSA and to display the gap between what is designed and what is happening in the classroom to perfect the projects.
  • Action research: systematically diagnose and address the issues in education through the procedure of finding the problem, collecting data, analyzing data, proposing solutions and implementing solutions.
  • Discipline Design: produce standards and procedures for research; develop training materials to support teachers to be become effective researchers.

Education Ecosystem Evolution Academy


EEEA is an academic institute founded by MSA with a mission to facilitate transformation and evolution of mainstream schools in China towards core competencies.


EEEA will summarize teaching practices and organizational development of the academy. Meanwhile, EEEA also aims to develop training services and other products for teachers and facilitate school's pivot towards the development of students' core competencies through external and local resources.


At present, EEEA offers professional development services for teachers and administrators and offers supportive services on physical space renovation and IT. In the future, EEEA will establish more offline innovation centers for educators to get training, socialize and present their works.

Campus Information


Beijing Campus
Beijing Academy, located in the global metropolis of Beijing, is the first school established by MSA. Beijing Academy plays an important role in the early phase of MSA school model iteration and design. Beijing Academy now boasts more than 80 teaching faculty and staff and more than 70 learners.

Advisory Committee


Advisory Committee is a thinktank and supervisory institute of MSA. It comprises of senior professionals from educational and other communities. They are here to offer supports and assessment of teaching practices, teachers' development and operation and administration of the school.

Advisory Committee members will convene in July annually to discuss and evaluate the overall operation of the academy and generate a report to the management team.

MSA will be the secretariat of the Advisory Committee, in charge of liaison and logistics for the annual meeting.

Mr. Zhu Yongxin


Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy
Vice Secretary and Member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Republic Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy

Mr. Yang Dongping


Member of National Education Consultation Committee
Member of National Education Consultation Committee, President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute

Mr. Liu Jingnan


Academician of China Engineering Academy
Academician of China Engineering Academy, former President of Wuhan University, former President of Duke Kunshan University

Ms Chin Hyeongmi


Guardian Ambassador of UNICEF
Guardian Ambassador of UNICEF

Mr. Yang Zhongguo


Founder and Chairman of China Silverfield Investment Inc.
Founder and Chairman of China Silverfield Investment Inc.

Ms. Hua Ti


Advisor to Center on Contemporary China, Princeton University,
Advisor to Center on Contemporary China, Princeton University, Board Member of Middlebury College, Board Member of Chinese International School



Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity


Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (Scale) is a research center. Its foundation originates from Sandford University's value on performative assessment in K-16 (kindergarten to college).


Scale aims to offer more meaningful and fair education to all students, especially to those who have been ignored. In order to realize this goal, SCALE has developed a performative assessment model and supported the implementation of this model in actual classrooms. SCALE has supported Summit High School, a famous school based in Silicon Valley, in designing its competency model and assessment system. It has also supported the pilot projects on performative assessment in Ohio.

China Education Innovation Institute


China Education Innovation Research Institute of Beijing Normal University is a secondary institute of Beijing Normal University. Its mission is to cumulate social public benefit capital to promote education innovation and improve youth development.

The Affiliated High School of Peking University


PKU High School is an integral part of Peking University. It is a key high school in Beijing, Beijing Model High School, and National Leading Sports School. PKU was founded in 1960 with a mission to develop outstanding citizens with personalities, confidence, responsibility, insights, leadership and innovation. Wherever they are, PKU High School graduates are committed to serving the society with passion and respecting others and the nature.

High Tech High School

High Tech High (HTH) is a charter school located in Santiago, California with elementary, junior and senior high programs. The education structure of HTH centers around 4 principles: individualized teaching, real connections with the world, thinking training, and teachers as designers. These principles determine the organization of HTH. It is small-scaled, open, individualized, comprehensive, and project-driven. Exhibition of students' works is an important tradition at school. HTH has a teacher certification program and an innovative graduate school.

Envision Learning Partners

Founded in 2010, Envision Learning Partners aims to promote Envision School to all kinds of schools in the country. In designing a performative assessment system where students and teachers could learn and develop together, Envision desires to establish a positive learning culture in every school and facilitating a fair education. Students could have the opportunity to choose their own futures. Envision is a key partner in High Tech High's assessment system. It has done the same for MSA and Mid Pacific Institute.

Mastery Transcript Consortium(MTC)

Master Transcript Consortium (MTC) is a coalition consisting of 278 American and global private and public high schools. Some of the renowned MTC members include Philips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Singapore American School, Shanghai United International School and other distinguished schools. Joining with these high schools, MTC is proposing "A New Model"—a brand-new transcript that digitalizes individual skills, strengths, and interests for high school students to apply for college and employment.


Such a transcript is named as "mastery transcript". "Mastery transcript” pivots from what's happening in the classroom to the learners' mastery in subject knowledge and general competencies (collaboration, communication, leadership, etc.).


Unlike the traditional GPA transcript, MTC demonstrates a student's skills and competencies in a diverse and digitally visual format (courses, project and internship) to universities and employers, instead of merely using a letter grade or a number to indicate a student’s knowledge mastery. 



China Silverfield Investment Inc. is founded in 1992. From 1992 to 2010, its main investment focus is on real estate and finance. From 2010 onwards, it has pivoted towards health industry. Its main project is to build a true healthy town. At present, China Silverfield has branches in Hainan, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Changbai, Chengdu, Chongqin and other areas while planning to expand to Shanghai area and Yuannan.


Since its strategic pivot, China Silverfield has positioned itself as a social enterprise that contributes to the health industry and maintains a sustainable social ecological system.


A compete "true health" theory system has been set up at China Silverfield. Its core development value is to promote physical and mental health through researches, learning and producing. It boasts an expansive strategic presentation across the country, which lays a solid foundation to its “true health” endeavor.


Crossboundaries, founded in 2005, is an international architecture design company with offices in Beijing, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Well educated and experienced designers are from Asia, Europe, and North America. With its international insight, localized culture and professional knowhow, Crossboundaries aim to produce unique space solutions. Its successful cases include PKU High School, Future School of PKU, Home Box (Beijing and Shanghai), Warner Bro Cinemas, BMW's HVC Club, Siemens Office, Helsinki Library, etc.



COGITA is founded by graduates from Harvard University and Teachers College Columbia University. It's headquartered in MIT, Boston. The name "COGITA" originates from a Latin word "COGITO" which refers to "the principle establishing the existence of a being from the fact of its thinking or awareness". COGITA is dedicated to building an intimate education ecological network for students, families, schools, and the society. Its main areas of business include offering career and college college counselling to 6-to-18-year-olds through individualized deep learning and a mission to develop them to be global citizens; offering college counselling trainings to schools; assisting schools in setting up college counselling system featured by self-awareness and competencies; offering trainings to college college counsellors; and building connections with oversea universities.


We believe that the mission of education is to develop students with uniqueness who could transcend the boundaries of race, culture, geographical locations and identity to address social issues and promote sustainable development of human beings.

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