“Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe. ”

What is Moonshot Academy?


Moonshot Academy is an innovative high school education project whose mission is to develop "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens."

When MSA was first established in 2017, the first question that occurred to us about how to design the school wasn't what MSA should be. Instead, the discussion centered around what types of people our learners would be when they graduate. With these thoughts, MSA has quoted from Ken Robinson's Creative Schools,

「The aim of education is to enable learners to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.」

This has been summarized into MSA's development goals: to cultivate 「fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens」.


Curriculum and instruction at Moonshot Academy is rooted in China and facing the world. We have selected teaching content that is suitable for high school learners' competency development, referring to international curriculum standards, the new Chinese curriculum standards, and other high quality teaching examples and materials from around the world.

Moonshot Academy develops a bilingual curriculum system that takes into account both Chinese characteristics and overseas university admissions: Taking the American high school curriculum standards (CCSS\NGSS\C3) as the main standards and combining the core literacy of China's new curriculum standards, and refer to international courses such as IB, A-Level system.

The curriculum consists of three modules: Disciplinary Courses, Interdisciplinary Projects, and MSA Featured Courses—all of which emphasize self-exploration and deeper learning. Through the extensive use of blended learning programs and project-based learning strategies, differentiation of instruction and gradual release pedagogy are actively practiced among our teachers. Performance assessment is practiced across the curriculum at MSA as an essential evaluation method to promote authentic and self-directed learning.


At Moonshot Academy, each learner belongs to an Interdisciplinary Project (IP) Team comprised of 10-16 students, which serves as a learner's advisory group as well as a year-long, cross-curricular learning experience. Through extended, exploratory, and in-depth project-based learning, each IP Team will work to address or improve upon major challenges facing the human community, confronting topics such as poverty, pollution, public health, and climate change. The IP Team unit is the supported by two team coaches, who support the growth of each learner in the project team by tracking the project goals and each member’s individual goals and by facilitating periodic reflection.

Our teachers graduated from Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Brown University, Oxford University, Peking University, Fudan University and other top universities, and they from China, the United States, Sweden, Indonesia, Ukraine and other countries.

Most teachers have master's or doctoral degrees, and have diversified teaching experience in Chinese public schools, IB schools, A-level schools, American colleges, etc., and have financial , Internet, technology, culture, public welfare and other industries and fields of experience and resources.

Moonshot Academy is an innovative high school education project whose mission is to develop "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens."

Education Goal


Fulfilled individuals


In short, fulfilled individuals are self-directed learners who possess growth mindset and walk their talks.


One is able to continuously construct meaning of life and the pathway to approach such meaning;

When faced with confusion and failure, one can treat them as important learning lessons and still keep a positive belief towards future.

One is able to hold a clear awareness towards their thoughts and actions. When handling such awareness, one can keep being direct and positive with an end goal of aligning their internality and externality.

Active, compassionate citizens


In short, active citizens are practitioners with an advanced systematic view, empathy, and pragmatic drives.

One has the systematic view of oneness knowing that all their thoughts and actions have concrete impact in the world.

One is able to deeply understand the collective challenges faced by humanity, yet maintain a positive attitude.

With the above understanding, one can deploy effective actions.

Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee is the development steering body of Moonshot Academy. It is represented by senior figures from the education, academic, political, and business sectors who support, evaluate, and guide the learners’ teaching, the teachers’ development and management, and the organization and operation at the Moonshot Academy.


The Advisory Committee meets in plenary session once a semester to provide an overall assessment and feedback on the development of the college and to produce a report for the council as an important basis for guiding its future work.


The Partnership Department of Moonshot Academy also serves as the Secretariat of the Advisory Committee. It liaises with the Advisory Committee and provides comprehensive support to the annual meeting of the Advisory Committee in terms of information collation, session design and staff co-ordination.

Mr. Zhu Yongxin


Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy
Vice Secretary and Member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Republic Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy

Mr. Yang Dongping


Member of National Education Consultation Committee

President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute

Member of the National Advisory Commission on Education

Member of the National Examination Steering Committee

Zuyun Shen


Founder and Chairman of China Silverfield Investment Inc.

Expert consultant on school education strategy in China

Teacher at Dedao App, Global Education Report Manager

Mr. Liu Jingnan


Academician of China Engineering Academy

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Former President of the Wuhan University

Former President of the Duke Kunshan University

Former The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Ms Chin Hyeongmi


Guardian Ambassador of UNICEF

UNICEF ambassador for the protection of children

Chairman, arts and Fine Arts Organisation

Founder of the art and Beauty Foundation

Ms. Hua Ti


A board member of the Hankey School of Hong Kong Consultant to Center for Contemporary China at Princeton University

A board member of the Hankey School of Hong Kong

Consultant to Center for Contemporary China at Princeton University



Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity


Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (Scale) is a research center. Its foundation originates from Sandford University's value on performative assessment in K-16 (kindergarten to college).


Scale aims to offer more meaningful and fair education to all students, especially to those who have been ignored. In order to realize this goal, SCALE has developed a performative assessment model and supported the implementation of this model in actual classrooms. SCALE has supported Summit High School, a famous school based in Silicon Valley, in designing its competency model and assessment system. It has also supported the pilot projects on performative assessment in Ohio.

China Education Innovation Institute


China Education Innovation Research Institute of Beijing Normal University is a secondary institute of Beijing Normal University. Its mission is to cumulate social public benefit capital to promote education innovation and improve youth development.

The Affiliated High School of Peking University


PKU High School is an integral part of Peking University. It is a key high school in Beijing, Beijing Model High School, and National Leading Sports School. PKU was founded in 1960 with a mission to develop outstanding citizens with personalities, confidence, responsibility, insights, leadership and innovation. Wherever they are, PKU High School graduates are committed to serving the society with passion and respecting others and the nature.

High Tech High School

High Tech High (HTH) is a charter school located in Santiago, California with elementary, junior and senior high programs. The education structure of HTH centers around 4 principles: individualized teaching, real connections with the world, thinking training, and teachers as designers. These principles determine the organization of HTH. It is small-scaled, open, individualized, comprehensive, and project-driven. Exhibition of students' works is an important tradition at school. HTH has a teacher certification program and an innovative graduate school.

Envision Learning Partners

Founded in 2010, Envision Learning Partners aims to promote Envision School to all kinds of schools in the country. In designing a performative assessment system where students and teachers could learn and develop together, Envision desires to establish a positive learning culture in every school and facilitating a fair education. Students could have the opportunity to choose their own futures. Envision is a key partner in High Tech High's assessment system. It has done the same for MSA and Mid Pacific Institute.

Mastery Transcript Consortium(MTC)

Master Transcript Consortium (MTC) is a coalition consisting of 278 American and global private and public high schools. Some of the renowned MTC members include Philips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Singapore American School, Shanghai United International School and other distinguished schools. Joining with these high schools, MTC is proposing "A New Model"—a brand-new transcript that digitalizes individual skills, strengths, and interests for high school students to apply for college and employment.


Such a transcript is named as "mastery transcript". "Mastery transcript” pivots from what's happening in the classroom to the learners' mastery in subject knowledge and general competencies (collaboration, communication, leadership, etc.).


Unlike the traditional GPA transcript, MTC demonstrates a student's skills and competencies in a diverse and digitally visual format (courses, project and internship) to universities and employers, instead of merely using a letter grade or a number to indicate a student’s knowledge mastery. 



COGITA is founded by graduates from Harvard University and Teachers College Columbia University. It's headquartered in MIT, Boston. The name "COGITA" originates from a Latin word "COGITO" which refers to "the principle establishing the existence of a being from the fact of its thinking or awareness". COGITA is dedicated to building an intimate education ecological network for students, families, schools, and the society. Its main areas of business include offering career and college college counselling to 6-to-18-year-olds through individualized deep learning and a mission to develop them to be global citizens; offering college counselling trainings to schools; assisting schools in setting up college counselling system featured by self-awareness and competencies; offering trainings to college college counsellors; and building connections with oversea universities.


We believe that the mission of education is to develop students with uniqueness who could transcend the boundaries of race, culture, geographical locations and identity to address social issues and promote sustainable development of human beings.

Moonshot Research Institute


Moonshot Research Institute consists of experienced educators and professional researchers from different backgrounds, dedicated to applying rigorous, empirical analysis and research to the creation, validation, and promotion of educational innovation practices, models, frameworks, and tools. The Research Institute ensures the school model of Moonshot Academy can evolve into an internationally recognized model for future education that can be widely applied to school reform in China.


Teachers and researchers work closely together to continuously improve teaching practices. Teachers also conduct action research to examine and improve their teaching in a systematic and structured way. Researchers have observed and participated in the first-line classroom, and developed empathic relationships with learners and educators. We fully understand each other’s motivation, have a clear overall view of the education system, and make common progress in our daily teaching.


Evaluation: We conducted evaluation on Moonshot Academy based on explicit and implicit criteria, identifying gaps between what is being done and what is expected to be done in order to support continuous improvement.


Action Research: Robust data from multiple quantitative and qualitative sources are collected and analyzed to put forward a method to evaluate the results of the implementation plan and systematically diagnose and solve problems or challenges in the processes of teaching.


Discipline Design: The Research Institute is engaged in an on-going effort to produce methodological standards and processes, develop training materials, and support educators to become effective teaching researchers at the same time.


Knowledge Management: The Research Institute supports MSA's collective efficacy and professional growth through a systematic process of documentation and collection/archiving (and translation) of best practices and relevant school models.

Education Ecosystem Evolution Academy


EEEA (Education Ecosystem Evolution Academy) is an academic institution supported by Moonshot Academy that integrates global resources based on the full practice of Moonshot Academy, EEEA is committed to supporting China’s mainstream schools to complete the transformation to core competency based education.


EEEA is partnered with Beijing Normal University, Stanford SCALE Center, Envision School, HTH, MTC, on the basis of the national education strategy of China Educational Modernization 2035, taking the standards of future teachers as the core to serve the regional education authorities, schools and teachers to complete the transformation of teachers’ teaching ability.


It has set up teaching ability assessment, teacher development cloud class, teacher development online and offline training camps and other products, covering the whole growth process of teachers’ testing, learning, training and assessment, to ensure the development of teachers to achieve data-based, systematic and progressive development. At present, more than 30 well-known schools have accepted EEEA products and services, such as Affiliated High School of Peking University, Beijing Bayi School, Beijing Zhongguancun Primary School, No.80 High School of Beijing at Jiayuan Campus, Hangzhou Yungu School, Beijing Huafu School, Qingdao Middle School.

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