Moonshot Academy is an innovative high school education project, whose mission is to develop "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens".

As an innovative high school, MSA's curricula aim to develop independent learners in aspects of knowledge, skills, attitude, and competencies.



At MSA, learning takes place in a comprehensive manner. Every learner is expected to acquire subject knowledge through flipped classrooms and develop through interdisciplinary project-based learning and honor courses based on individual preferences and needs. Through this page, you will learn about MSA's curriculum system and how learners will develop in the 3 or 4 academic years.

At MSA, learning happens not only in textbooks and courses.

Student Life


A trip. An event. A film. A conversation. Learning happens every minute during the MSA journey. At MSA, learners, under a lively culture, will be offered ample opportunities to interact with the real world. Through this page, you will see what is happening in a variety of student clubs, workshops, projects, and so on.

The world where we are living right now is heading towards to a future full of unprecedented uncertainties.

Personal development


At MSA, we are committed to supporting each learner’s individual development and cultivating self-directed learners and practitioners who can walk the talk with growth mindset. Through this page, you will learn about the coaching system and psychological counselling that assists in addressing learners' college counselling and adolescent issues.

MSA is seeking for talents from all industries and all over the world who are attracted to our mission and vision.

Join Us


MSA is seeking for talents from all industries and all over the world who are attracted to our mission and vision. A MSAer can be a teacher at a distinguished school. S/he can be a camping counsellor. S/he can be a financial investor. S/he can be an Apple engineer. S/he can be a famous public artist. S/he can be a top lab researcher...MSA is building a work paradigm and culture in which every MSAer can be developed here. As a result, we can be a more independent and efficient organization. Such a team-oriented culture brings all MSAers closer together.

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating MSA journey?

From the 1st cohort of MSA learners:


I feel like I'm completing an unprecedentedly risky and challenging MSA journey, which makes me so proud. I've asked myself, "Does it worth all my efforts?" In the movie "Forever Young", Yiqi, MEI, the then president at Tsinghua University, said, “What do you see? What do you hear? What do you do? Whom are you with? If you have a feeling of no regrets deeply in your heart and a shameless sense of peace and joy, this is reality. People choose to put themselves to endeavors to feel numbingly secure. But they have forgotten the reality. You only have these days for your youth." I think what MEI said is my intended answer.

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